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Idarica Gazzoni – the story

Milan-based textile designer and decorative painter Idarica Gazzoni was inspired by Italian frescoes as a child; later she studied decorative painting in Brussels and traveled to the Far East. Her ARJUMAND collection of fabrics and wallpaper was named after a Mogul princess originally from Persia, much-loved and known as “the light of the palace”. Before dying, giving birth to her 14th child,she asked her husband to build a monument as a symbol to her love, the Taj Mahal.

Printed in Italy on heavy-weight linen,  silk tussah, linen voile, and wool felt, the collection is available in the US through Maison Spring in  Minneapolis-

In Milan, her work is on view at the the Arjumand Showroom.

Pictures from my visit to Idarica’s showroom in Milan this summer…

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